PC Product introduction


PC Products features:

A.Better permeability and able to reduce the resistant effect and noise in air flow process; greater ability of freeze proofing in humid low-temperature condition and allows the cold air flow to be equally distributed to broader distance.

B.The honeycomb product is also characterized as smooth, flat surface, spotless and non-toxic; with the advanced designing techniques, the inner cell of honeycomb is well-formed and evenly-proportioned; as the result of this, the honeycomb product has been generally applied into refrigeration industry.

C.Due to the product’s low-weighted and high-intensive characteristics, the honeycomb plate could be perfectly coated with varied types of materials, including acrylic, stone materials, wooden materials, PVC, metal materials and etc; these combined honeycomb products could be used in broad applications, such as beautification for light boxes, family and office decoration, partition for construction use, floor board, roof, platform, periphery wall and etc.

D.The range of honeycomb plate (PC)’s aperture: Ф3.5-Ф10 (mm); the maximum size of honeycomb plate (PC) is 3,000 × 1,500 (mm), the range of thickness: 3.8-380 (mm).
(The above standards are available according to the customers’ requirements)