PP Product introduction


Main Characteristics and Functions of Honeycomb Plate Product (PP)
The lightweight quality is able to reduce the loading capacity of transporting facilities, therefore help to increase the speed of transportation means and cut down the costs. The product is widely applied to the shell, ceiling, partition, deck, floor and inner decoration for motor vehicles, yacht and train.
B.Higher resistance to compression and impact
The product is capable to abstract the external force and reduce the effect of collision. It is available to be utilized to car bumper, sporting protective armors and other fields.
C.Advanced capacity of acoustic insulation
Effective resistance to sound transmission and therefore can be used to soundproofing equipments for mobile vehicles and other transporting facilities.
D.Excellent heat-shielding performance
Ensuring the stability of inner temperature and therefore it can be used to refrigeration containers and car tanks.
E.Waterproofing and effective resistance to corrosion
Given the special quality of the raw materials, the product is able to be applied into high moisture conditions and strong corrosive environment, such as harbor construction and floating raft in at sea.

F.PP Products’ Statistical Index Table
The standard size is 2,440 × 1,220 (mm), other standards are available according to the customer’s different requirements.

Due to the great penetrability and permeability of the material, this product is also can be used for fountain construction. Meanwhile, with the use of activated carbon the product is also available be applied for air purification and filtering facilities.

The range of polypropylene honeycomb plate (PP)’s aperture is Ф6.5 –Ф12mm.
The working thickness of polypropylene honeycomb plate (PP): 5-300 (mm), the maximum plane dimension of plate: 3,000 × 1,500 (mm). According to our technical support team, it is recommended that for those customers who use containers to carry on transportation tasks, via applying 2,300 × 1,150 (mm) standard will maximize the use of the space of container and therefore save the costs.
Deepending on the customer’s different requirements, we can coat non-woven cloth to the double sides of honeycomb plate with different specifications. The general types of PP product (classified by inner cell’s diameter): PP8T30, PP8T30F, PP8T60, PP8T60F, PP12T30, PP12T30F, PP12T60, PP12T60F and etc.
T30 coat with 30G/M non-woven fabric to the both sides of plate will effectively resist partial adhesives, therefore available applying for those materials which are easy-attached and spend less adhesives.

T30F attach with cohesive coatings and 30G/M non-woven fabric will help to better integrate the honeycomb itself and non-woven cloth. This type of product can be used directly in some particular fields and without necessity of attaching additional materials.

T60 coat with 60G/M non-woven fabric to the both sides of plate, in comparison with T30, will representing greater performance on resistance to adhesives’ permeability and save the waste of adhesives.

T60F attach with cohesive coatings and 60G/M non-woven fabric can be utilized to those industries which have special requirements to non-woven fabrics and the core of honeycomb plate.